A little kid stands in his driveway on a rainy Seattle afternoon in mid-November. Other children in the neighborhood are indoors, playing with toys. Not this kid. This kid is calling a baseball game between two teams…the Seattle Mariners and the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have their ace…”Black Jack” McDowell on the mound. He steps up to the plate, and holds the toy bat like Edgar Martinez. The “pitch-hitter,” a cheap, often broken toy, springs a plastic ball up in the air, and he takes a hack at it…thwack! “Line-drive base hit center field…here comes Biffey (he can’t pronounce Griffey yet)…he will score! Mariners lead 3-2!”

I grew up in my driveway broadcasting Mariners games. In fact, I’ve been broadcasting Mariners games since I was three years old. My parents have the home video tapes to prove it. The 1995 baseball season changed my life forever. It took a sport I loved, and turned it in to a life-long obsession. I live and die with this team.

Dave Niehaus was the reason I decided I wanted to become a baseball broadcaster. His legendary call of “The Double” still rings in my ears to this day. Of course, I heard the call after the fact. I was at the game. In fact, I’ve been to every Mariners home playoff game in their history.

Passion defines who I am, but an almost obsessive knowledge of the past and present of Mariners’ baseball makes me stand out from the crowd.

This blog features my broadcasting, but also my perspective on sports. I hope to be enthusiastic, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

Thanks for visiting and please comment…the whole point of a sports blog is conversation and debate.

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